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British Youth Council’s General Election Manifesto

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The British Youth Council is the UK’s leading charity run by young people for young people. For the past sixty years it’s been helping young people engage with democracy, have their say and be listened to.

It’s been interesting to see the General Election campaign unfold and how the live leaders debates and use of social media are being heralded as a more inclusive way of reaching the masses.

BYC’s Manifesto; Our Parliament, Our Vision calls on the next Parliament to make a difference in five core areas that affect young people’s lives; introducing a vote at 16, an equitable Minimum Wage regardless of age, better mental health care for the under 25’s, to end child poverty by 2020 and introduce affordable public transport for under 25’s.

The Manifesto was developed and voted on by young people through youth councils around the country.

If we want young people to take an interest in what is happening locally and nationally and play their part in our society, then we need to give them a voice and show them they are being listened to.

While much is being made in the media about the youth vote and which mainstream party may be most popular with them, much less is being made about which issues are important to them and what a future government will do about them.

You can read BYC’s Manifesto at and if you like what you see, please pledge your support.


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Award-winning, ethical PR with a passion for promoting social, economic and enivronmental issues and helping smaller businesses to grow. Acts as media spokesperson for the CIPR's Diversity Working Group. Regular judge for CIPR Excellence and PR Week Awards. Mentor@charitycomms Has also been know to provide training to not for profits, the public sector and smaller businesses on Marketing and PR issues and speak at conferences, seminars and events on the same. Currently providing interim PR and campaign support Marie Curie Cancer Care. Other passions include watching sunsets, collecting recipes and sailing in the Med (sometimes at the same time) and Amarone.

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