Ethicalprgirl's Blog

Musings from ethical PR girl about the world around us and making the most of PR/marketing to promote what you do (in an ethical way of course).

Its what I do

I work in-house and as a freelance, providing PR and marketing support to not for profits, social enterprises and public sector organisations. Sometimes, I am brought in to cover maternity leave or recruitment gaps, or brought in to add fire power to existing teams when an organisation wants to launch a campaign or needs help in a crisis.

I also work from my home office on a  freelance basis running media campaigns, devising communications and marketing strategies and campaigns, organising events, or producing annual reports.

And I know some few great photographers, designers, web people, printers, event organisers and freelance PR/marketing people and agencies.

So, if you’re a not-for-profit or public body looking for some additional support, do let me know and I’ll be happy to see if I can help, or point you in the direction of someone else who can.


Mobile 07976 804314

Follow me @ethical_PR


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